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Battle: Los Angeles (2011) Subtitle Indonesia


Free Download Movie Battle: Los Angeles (2011) 3gp Subtitle Bahasa Indonesia

Quality: BluRay
Genre: Sci-Fi
Format: 3gp Mobile
Language: English
Subtitle: Bahasa Indonesia
Size: 146 MB
Server: Mediafire


This is not a new film, but because there is my collection, then my post. When you read the title, this is definitely a movie that comes about war. This film takes the plot in the United States during World War II. the event called Battle: Los Angeles.
The film tells about the arrival of a UFO that deal directly with the American military. and if it happens in the real world, Americans will regret for being a superpower. Because UFO Alien is very like a superpower like America. 

Than too long to spend the time to read the synopsis, better direct Download:

Thank you and Enjoy.



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